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I am Jim Scott 53 years old and I grew up I NE Iowa (God's Country) and my family heritage was hunting, fishing, camping, and the great outdoors.


I grew up river fishing for just about any species but mainly Channel Catfish, I just love the fight that they put up. I learned to Bass Fish on lakes where we camped as a family. I spent hours watching and learning from the likes of Virgil Ward, Jimmy Houston, Bill Dance and Roland Martin. After a job transfer to SE Iowa on the Mississippi River Pool 19 my son began to get me interested in Bass Fishing again and the fever hit. I really enjoyed Bass Fishing because I linked it to deer hunting just it's done in the water but very similar.


Ben and I joined the local club and began our passion of tournament fishing. I have been tournament fishing for 6 years now and love the pursuit of every time out is a new learning experience from these magnificent green fish. It's a long road to learn how to master the Ole bucket mouth. I fish as a Co-Angler and I spent the first few years not worrying about catching fish but learning everything I could from my boater.


I have moved on to fishing not only local club tournaments but also BFL and Angler's Choice along with fishing some Opens and several Charity Tournaments. I am a member of the FLW, PAA and B.A.S.S. and take my membership seriously. I have marshaled on several occasions. And have had the privilege to spend the day in the boat with Shaw Grigsby, Tommy Martin, and Randy Qualls (Owner of Legend Boats)


I have taken my vacation time to travel and work for B.A.S.S at several Elite Events when they are within our region. The last two years we have traveled 5 hours to Lacrosse WI. To help at the River Rumble. I encourage all members to get out and help at these events, do anything they ask and make it a pleasant experience for all of the Elite Anglers. I have learned so much just serving, listening and conversing with the anglers at these events. They are much more relaxed than when you are a Marshal in the boat.


I love to volunteer my time to travel to shows and help work the floors and help beginners with all of their questions. I have also learned so much by networking with others at these shows. I also love to go to the area Bass Pro Shops during their Spring Classic and roam the floors helping others learn their equipment and tackle and help answer their questions. The employees are so swamped by the amount of customers and it really helps them out.



I am really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with others.



Sincerely, Jim Scott


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