Tournament Basics

Tournament Basics:

By Matt Keith

Make sure that by the night before you have your new line tied on, poles and lures selected and in order. Check the boat, trailer, batteries, trolling motor and tow vehicle. Plan to have a group of spots that are similar to what you anticipate will be your number one locations. Plan an alternate group of fallback spots that are totally different and require different approaches. Have one last group of spots ready that should always hold an occasional fish as a last resort. Have your food, gas, water, ice, clothing, medication, sun screen and anything else use full ready to go the night before.


Check list:

When is the tournament?

What is the lake level?

Have a map?

Are there creek channels, points, bays?

What is the clarity of the lake?

What is the lake temperature?

Is there any vegetation?

Is there active current?

What type of forage is available?

What is the weather supposed to be the days before and day of the event?

What time is weigh in?

Is pre-fishing allowed and when?

Is there a cut off time?

What are the size requirements?

How many fish are weighed in?

Any off limit areas?

What time is put in and blast off?

What is the tournament director’s name and phone number?



-Matt Keith