Crank Baiting Around Grass

Crank Baiting Around Grass

(By: Captain Mike Gerry – Guide)


With the elite pros moving on to their next destination, I thought I would give you some tips for catching fish on crank baits, similar to the techniques the elite used this past month. Crank bait fishing is a lot more than just pulling that crank bait over the top of the grass; the key is using the grass to your advantage making the grass work for you.


The first thing I tell folks when we are crank bait fishing is to get the bait down to the grass. Most inexperienced fisherman get really frustrated when the bait gets hung up or they have to keep cleaning off the grass from their crank bait, you must however learn to put up with it on Guntersville because the grass is where the fish are most of the time.


After you get over the frustration of the grass then you need to learn to rip the bait because the crank bait gets its movement and hence the reaction bite from ripping the bait down to the grass with a sweeping motion, pausing and pulling it up out of the grass. The pause and hence movement upwards is the movement that causes the reaction bite to the bait. Make a long sweeping motion, pause catch up to your retrieve and pull it up; the big bass love it and you will catch more fish with a crank bait then you ever did before.


Lastly picking the areas to use crank baits is also critical; find the points of grass work parallel to it, work with the current and work across the deeper edges of the points. Do these tips and learn to not let the grass frustrate you and you will be a better fisherman.




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