Boat Check List

Boat Check List:

(By: Matt Keith)



Batteries: Check all batteries for charge and examine the exterior for cracks or corrosion. Secure all batteries in the boat per the manufactures standards and check connections.


Bearings: The bearings and hubs should be greased.


Boat Hull: Examine the hull for defects and leaks. Check the propeller for cracks and nicks.


Fire Extinguisher: Have a fire extinguisher on board. They should be fully charged, mounted in the proper place for accessibility and be matched for the correct size for your boat. Always check the expiration date listed or the gauge on the extinguisher for charge status.


Fluid Levels: Check and fill your fluid levels, gas, motor oil, power steering, power trim and tilt reservoirs.


Life Jackets: Always carry Personal Flotation Devices for each individual your fishing with in the correct size for their body weight. Always have a throw-able flotation device, boat cushion or floating ring as well.


Lights: Check all running and brake lights.


Outboard Motors: Check fuel levels, filters and fuel lines. (Make sure to have the drain plug)


Paperwork: All necessary documents for the waters your fishing. Current fishing license, boat and trailer registration, and proof of insurance.


Ropes and Anchor: Keep a rope on board for a variety of possible uses and check your anchor lines.


Signal Device: Keep signal flares and audible signal device such as an air horn or whistle. A mirror or reflective object is also good.


Tires: Inspected for tread wear and inflation. Carry a spare.


Winch: Check the winch strap or cable.