Fishing Different Angles / Baits

The competition is tough out there. Tons of other people out there want to be the best at bass fishing.  Trying to win the tournament and cash that big check.  While pre-fishing you want to make sure you fish the areas you are finding as thoroughly as possible and sometimes that may take some time to learn.  Fishing the same spot from a few different angles can be the difference in placing in the middle or being in the money.

When I fish a spot, especially a new area I am not familiar with, I try to fish it from as many different angles that seem fit.  For instance, lately I’ve been fishing some milfoil and coon tail edges.  When I come to a new area I will start far away and then make perpendicular casts at the weeds. Then as I either progress along or move closer to the edge I will start to make casts parallel to the edge.  Sometimes that seems to be the difference between not catching a fish and moving on or hauling in a tank.


Same goes for other spots, you can fish rocks, other weed beds, and trees with the same approach, start far away then work your way in.  Fish it slow and don’t be afraid to throw something different.  Sometimes after catching a few off one spot you can throw in another bait and it will fire up the school again.

So get out there and try something different and see if you can’t light the spark to firing up a school of donkeys!


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